What are we reading?

  1. You got a free internet upgrade and then your bill went up (here)
  2. Interesting q2 investment commentary from horizon kinetics (here)
  3. Interview with Liberty Media founder and John Malone partner, Peter Burton (here)
  4. A dozen things I have learnt from John Malone (here)
  5. PershingSquare Holdings buys Berkshire Hathaway – Page 10 (here)
  6. Netflix’s content budget seems greater than it seems (here) (Worthwhile to read the entire series)
  7. How I spotted a fraud before it was too late (here)

Malone Watch

  1. John Malone talks fabulous FAANG influence (here)
  2. Liberty Global Vodafone deal cleared by European authorities (here)
  3. Charter CEO: Content Companies Hurt Pay TV Bundle With Free Programming Everywhere (here)
  4. Lawsuit challenges Barry Diller future control of Expedia (here)