What are we reading?

  1. Five smart reasons to tax foreign capital (here)
  2. India’s capital bans AB Inbev for three years for tax evasion (here)
  3. India government is finalizing framework to tax big tech (here)
  4. Some things and ideas (Assorted ideas) (here)
  5. Apple’s high cost of living (here)
  6. Sanjay Bakshi and Care Ratings on Valuepicr (here)

What books are we reading?

We are reading an interesting set of books on the American military and technological progress post world war II.

  1. Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen (amazon link here)
  2. Operation paperclip by Annie Jacobsen (amazon link here)
  3. American Moonshoot by Douglous Brinkley (amazon link here)

Very interesting set of reads. The connection among all the three books is the use of the German Nazi scientists who were allowed to settle in the USA after world war II that allowed America to hold and extend the technological advantage over the world.