What are we reading?

  1. Bottle of Lies — Review (here)
  2. Americans needs generic drugs but can they trust them? (here)
  3. Dirty Medicine (here)
  4. Top kidney charity directed aid to patients at DaVita and Fresenius (here)
  5. Trump proposes ways to improve care for kidney disease and increase transplants (here)


I recently finished reading Bottle of Lies. It is an absolutely fascinating account of fraud at Ranbaxy and findings at other pharma companies in India. It will do the Indian pharma industry a whole world of good in the future to heed to the underlying lessons and implications from the book.

Also, Davita evokes very mixed emotions. I exited a small position I had in the last year and but continue to be uncomfortable with the position that Berkshire has in DaVita. Of course, this is a Ted Weschler pick and he has long been associated with this.


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