Sanjay Bakshi Featured Page

Sanjay Bakshi is one of India’s Premier Value Investors and below are links to some of the interviews and notes. He is also a professor at MDI.

Sanjay Bakshi’s Favorite Books and Movies (here)

You can view a downloadable version of all @Sanjay__Bakshi public tweets updated June 19th, 2015 (here)

Interview with Sanjay Bakhi (Micro Cap Club here)

Early Years of Sanjay Bakshi (here)

2014 Interview with Safal Niveshak Part I (here) and Part II (here)

2012 Interview with Safal Niveshak Part (here)

Notes on Ashiana Housing (here)

Notes on Thomas Cook (here)

Notes on Floats and Moats (here)

Notes on Piramal Enterprises from 2011 (here)